Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Official wedding photos

Photos taken at my brother's wedding. I was asked to be one of the official photographers on the day.

Autumn 'snowflakes'

Paper snowflakes on a leaf theme.

A lovely photo

Taken on a recent walk around the lake.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Creative for a Second or Two

Creative for a Second is a project which brings together people from around the world who suffer with ME, as I do. 8 journals (and counting!) are going round the globe and people are making art! The art seems to either be a celebration of creativity for its own sake, or an expression of what living with ME means to the artist.

I was thrilled to be a part of this exciting project. A lot of the art already in the journal I received was quite heavy and sad, so I thought I would use my love of colour to bring a different slant to the book. I wanted to put out the message that there is always hope for sufferers of long-term illness and disability.

After the rain... comes the rainbow
This is one of my trademark-style doodles.

I am very ill... but I have hope
I took photos of all the pills I take on a daily basis, and used them to signify that the very embodiment of illness can still blossom into good health again. Had I made this artwork a week later, i would have had to fit 40 pills on the page, as my slipped disc worsened overnight!

My body is lead... But my heart can fly
The right-hand picture is a series of embroidered wavy lines. I pricked holes through both pages, sewing the right-hand page but leaving the holes visible on the left. I then doodled circles and lines in four shades of grey.

I've got that Rainbow Feeling
This is a stand-alone doodle


I recently acquired three new hamsters. These photos are so cute, I had to share them!

This is Ruby

And this is Pebble And Pearl!

My patio

A photo taken of shadows on my patio.

Beautiful bloom

Isn't this flower beautiful!?! I bought it at Borough Market for £3, such a lot of money but I love peonies and this is the most beautiful, huge peony I've ever seen. I was really pleased with my photos too!